How to rearm your windows machine ?

Being a support engineer/ server engineer, you may have many times evaluated different Windows Server Operating Systems. Most times, the evaluation period of your Operating System will be for a period of 30 days. Once your evaluation period expires, you may face several issues with your OS, like intermittent server reboots, server shutdown etc.

In order to extent your evaluation period you can simply use the REARM command which will let you increase your evaluation period to another 120 days. REARM actually means to reset your windows license information. The default rearm count for a Windows operating system is 4. Each time you perform a rearm operation your count decreases and at the same time your evaluation period will be increased to 30 more days. You can even trick your Windows to reset the rearm count by some registry modifications.

Steps to REARM your installation:-

  • Launch CMD with elevated permissions
  • Execute the command slmgr /dlv to find the license status [ Here, you are actually calling a slmgr.vbs script ]


  • Execute the command slmgr /rearm [Note : slmgr means – Software Licensing Management Tool]
  • You can check the status after performing the rearm


Note the change in the rearm count and the time remaining fields.





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