Error “You haven’t configured a target delivery domain. Please choose the appropriate remote domain as the target delivery domain.”

The scenario being discussed here is an Exchange 2010 to Exchange Online (Office 365) migration. A hybrid configuration was set up resulting in the coexistence of Exchange 2010 SP3 and Office 365. The procedure selected for mailbox move was ‘Remote Move Migration’. However, an error was received while trying to move an on-premise Exchange 2010 mailbox to the cloud ie, Office 365.


While performing the remote move request, in the move settings, you will be asked to provide the ‘Target Delivery Domain’. When I click on Browse option all I get is the error above, indicating that no domains are configured.

This error can be resolved by following the below steps:

  • In the Exchange Management Console, navigate to Organization Configuration -> Hub Transport   -> Remote Domains
  • Add your domain name specifically along with the Default ‘*’ value


Now, right click the domain name entry you just created, and select Properties. Ensure that under the Office 365 Tenant Domain the tick mark is selected as shown below:


Create a new remote move request and confirm that the mailbox move is working fine now.

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