Installing Exchange 2013 in an Exchange 2010 SP3 Hybrid Environment

I have an Exchange 2010 SP3 hybrid set up in my lab, and is planning to install and an Exchange 2013 as an Hybrid server.

I directly ran the Exchange 2013 setup without performing any schema preps and received the following error


So, I went on to my DC server and tried executing the commands for Schema preps as shown below only to get another failure notification :


As I am already in Hybrid, Exchange requires me to run the prep command adjacent to the /TenantOrganizationConfig switch. You also have to generate a config xml file by connecting to your Exchange online tenant.

For this, connect to your Exchange online tenant through powershell and execute the below command :

Get-OrganizationConfig | Export-Clixml -Path MyTenantOrganizationConfig.XML


The xml file will be generated as shown above. Copy the xml file to C: of the server where you are running the prep command ie, the DC.

Make a note that instead of /PrepareSchema, we will use /PrepareAD to run the /TenantOrganizationConfig switch adjacent to the setup.

.\Setup.exe /PrepareAD /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms /TenantOrganizationConfig:C:\MyTenantOrganizationConfig.XML


The Exchange setup will complete successfully now. 🙂


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