Configure EdgeSync in an Exchange 2010/2013 mixed envt.

This Azure lab set up has an Exchange 2010 Edge Transport Server and a multi role Exchange 2013 server. As we know, Edge server is installed for extra security and anti-spam functions. The presence of Edge server does not expose your Exchange servers (Mailbox, Client Access, Hub Transport) to internet preventing from further attacks as well.

EdgeSync replicates Active Directory data to a subscribed Edge transport server periodically. First step in configuring EdgeSync is creating an Edge Subscription. Edge Subscription subscribes an Edge Transport server to an Active Directory site.

Note: This website covers the required ports and pre-requisites for configuring EdgeSync. []

On the Exchange Server 2010 Edge transport server, launch Exchange Management Shell and execute the below command:

NewEdgeSubscription FileName C:\EdgeSub.xml

Copy the xml file from C: to your Exchange 2013 Mailbox server. On the Exchange 2013 MBX server, launch Exchange Management Shell and execute the below command:

New-EdgeSubscription -FileData ([byte[]]$(Get-Content -.Path “C:\EdgeSub.xml” -Encoding Byte -ReadCount 0)) -Site “AzureSite”

Here ‘AzureSite’ is the name of my Active Directory site.

As mentioned in the notification above, make sure the pre-requisites are met in advance. You may have to add a host entry for the fqdn of your Edge server on the Exchange 2013 server. The primary DNS suffix on the Edge server should be set to prevent any resolution issues.

Once the Edge Subscription is configured, connectors will be created on the Edge Server for mail flow.

You can now perform an EdgeSync forcefully using the below command :

StartEdgeSynchronization Server testexc2

Here, server testexc2 is the Exchange 2013 mailbox server and testexc1 is the Exchange 2010 hub transport server.

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