Error “Passive copy of Mailbox Database is not in a good state. Status: FailedAndSuspended”

Recently it was noticed that an active mailbox database copy got failed over and was in a “Failed and Suspended” status.


Upon analyzing the event viewer, the following alerts were noticed:




The first thing you can do is to right click on the problematic database and select Resume Mailbox Database Copy


The database will start re-synchronizing and will become healthy. If still issue persists, you can right click the database and select Update Mailbox Database Copy option.


You can also use Exchange shell to troubleshoot these issues.

When further analysis was performed, we noticed that the issue occurred due to the storage drive issues which was later resolved.


Reference :

Move File Share Witness to another server

DAG is configured in my client’s Exchange environment and the file share witness is configured as a hub transport server. Due to the O365 migrations, the management has decided to cut short the number of on-premise servers. Hence, the current FSW server which also happen to be a CAS/HUB server was planned for decommission. So we had to move the FSW role to a different CAS/HUB server.

This can be achieved either using GUI or shell.

In GUI, select the DAG properties and modify the existing values with the new directory and server details. Once done, click OK and confirm whether the changes have been reflected or not.


In order to make this exact change through Exchange shell, execute the below command:

Set-databaseavailabilitygroup -witnessdirectory “Directory” -witnessserver “ServerName” -identity “DAGName”

To confirm, execute the command:

Get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -Identity “DAGName” | Select Wi*