Error accessing OWA “Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.AccessDeniedException”

A client having Exchange 2013 recently faced a strange issue while logging in to OWA. The error is shown below :


Upon further analyzing the error, it was found that this error can occur due to two reasons:

  • If the attribute msExchVersion value is different for a user
  • Due to insufficient permissions

First, we can check the Exchange version for a particular user who has the issue. For this, execute the below command in EMS:

Get-Mailbox <User_Name>| format-list ExchangeVersion

If the value that returns is less than 0.1, then the Exchange Server will consider this user object only as Read-only. This issue can be resolved by executing the command :

Set-Mailbox <User_Name> -ApplyMandatoryProperties

If you again check the Exchange version it will show a value like eg: 88218628259840 [ for Exchange Server 2013]

You can also check the value of the attribute msExchVersion from attribute editor in ADSIEdit.



If you still face issues when accessing owa or ecp, perform the second step.

  1. Navigate to Active Directory Users and Computers
  2. Find the user and select Properties -> Security -> Advanced
  3. Select Enable inheritance
  4. Add a Principal value like Domain Admins and required access type
  5. Click OK
  6. Check and confirm that OWA or ECP is accessible without any issues







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